RM Education and Microsoft would like to extend an offer to run a Windows in the Classroom seminar for your school leadership team. This complimentary seminar will help you explore the tools and technologies available to help educators teach 21st century skills and optimise the classroom for advanced student achievement.

It's a great starting point for any school considering or enhancing their 1:1 learning programme, and it allows you to see the diversity of Microsoft software and devices applied to learning.

We will also demonstrate how Windows 8 applies to learning and how it can be used to inspire students and improve educational outcomes. The course is available free of charge to any school that registers and has their course delivered by Friday 31 st May 2013.

In the seminar you will:

  • See rich curriculum samples and global examples of best practices that demonstrate how technology can enhance teaching, learning, and assessment for students.
  • Understand how technology and devices enable consumption, creation, and collaboration for students, educators, and parents.
  • Learn how different devices can bring learning to life in a range of scenarios.
  • See how students can continue learning where they left off – at home, in the library, or at the park.
  • Discover how students can organize their learning, take notes, and become highly efficient in the way they study.
  • Learn where to get free tools that spark imagination and inspire learning.

Guided by a qualified RM Education Consultant, these two-hour sessions can be held at your school at a time that suits you and your teaching staff.

If you are interested, complete our short online form and we will then get in touch to discuss a suitable date and time for your seminar at your school.

Yes, please register me for a free training seminar on Windows in the classroom! We look forward to hearing from you.

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