The Imperial War Museum at Duxford houses a unique collection of over 200 planes including Concorde, Spitfires and Gulf War jets. It is also home to the American Air Museum and one of the finest collections of tanks, military vehicles and artillery in Britain. There are over 400,000 visitors each year and the museum is one of the largest centres for aircraft restoration in the world. A staggering 55,000 children visit the Museum each year, the vast majority of whom take advantage of the teaching expertise available through the flourishing Education Department situated at Duxford. This department undertakes hands - on educational activities for primary and secondary school pupils as well as post 16 students enabling them all to develop an empathy and understanding for learning about the past.

Softease teams up with Imperial War Museum to develop greater understanding of historical events

Children attending one of the educational events at the museum are treated to exciting and informative activities delivered by resident Science and Technology teacher Peter Halford. Each activity is accompanied by quiz sheets and workbooks all created using Textease Studio Plus, Peter explained "All the brochures and printed materials we use in the Education Department are created using Textease Studio Plus as it is such an easy to use and powerful package that produces professional results every time. I particularly like the fact that I am able to do a variety of things, such as add photographs, manipulate and crop them as well as altering the layout and text flow around the picture boxes - all on the same page and using the same software".

Textease Timeline is ideal vehicle to illustrate the history of flight

Included in the history activities for secondary schools are modules concerning the development of the flying machine encompassing powered and non-powered flight. Peter has used Textease Timeline to show the chronology of these events: The educational staff at the museum all agree that Textease is simple to use compared to other word processing, desktop publishing packages on the market. Peter concluded "It would take significantly longer to produce such high-quality materials using a different software package. Teachers who visit us are often impressed with the brochures and handouts we give their students. Another fantastic thing about using Textease is that once you have worked out how to use it, it is really easy to adapt to any of the other titles in the Softease range."

"RM products really make it simple to produce printed materials for use in the Education Department here at Duxford. We even use them to create our Visitor Map for everyone who visits the museum!"
Peter Halford - Science and Technology teacher

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