Chris Box, from King Edward VI Community School, is an early adopter of RM Neon. We spoke with him to find out how RM Neon is already helping his team to keep on top of his school’s IT demands – and how it has already proved itself by averting impending disaster…

A network manager’s life is never easy these days. Not only is technology changing rapidly, but the sheer number of diverse systems and IT tasks that you have to manage on a day-to-day basis is constantly growing and evolving.

RM Neon is an exciting new cloud-hosted solution that enables you to view, report on, analyse and manage all of your IT systems, software, devices and users through one easy-to-use interface.

It was designed and developed with schools to help make managing all of your IT infrastructure simpler and easier. It allows you to keep on top of everything that’s going on in a far more time- and cost-efficient way. And that’s something that Chris Box really appreciates.

Why choose RM Neon?

The idea seemed totally fresh and I could absolutely see it being a useful tool,” says Chris. He adds that he particularly liked “the promise that it would enable me to proactively manage a variety of things across the network, and monitor its health on whatever device I choose.

According to Chris, RM Neon has already helped him and his team to avoid disasters in their school and significantly supported them with their day-to-day management and future planning – in a way that has saved them plenty of time and effort.

The invisible is now visible…

A key benefit of RM Neon is the flightdecks, where you can pull together all your key reports and metrics into one place, giving you all the data you need at your fingertips and enabling you to keep a careful eye on all of your infrastructure systems.

Flightdecks surface the data that is hidden away and likely goes unchecked,” explains Chris. “By having so much data viewable on flightdecks, you get the baseline and you spot incoming issues. Already, I am monitoring as much as possible through flightdecks and using them as a measure of network health. As it’s so visual and easy to see, it’s saving me time – and making my sleep more peaceful!

It’s already saved our bacon!

RM Neon enables you to monitor and manage your school’s IT systems online from anywhere and at any time – so you can quickly spot and manage issues before they become a real problem.

Flightdecks have saved our bacon when a server was about to run out of disk space. Users had been created on a server that’s not built for user storage, but we were able to remedy this without affecting users.

RM Neon allows me to monitor exactly what I want to view across the network estate – switches, printers, internet connectivity… the only limit is my team’s skills. RM Neon can control and schedule things that our network management console has no knowledge of, or could ever control. So it’s much more flexible. It’s designed from the ground up to be whatever it needs to be.

Planning ahead and saving time

Chris is able to use his flightdecks to enable him to plan ahead to avoid disruption within the school and prevent any impact on classroom time. He is now able to spot unusual events – such as a sudden loss of memory or high levels of disk space usage, for example – as well as monitor trends. All of which helps him to schedule changes such as the need to re-partition or replace a drive on a particular server in a month’s time or getting evidence to justify the need for spend on a new SAN. It could even be a case of simply being able to see when his printers will run out of ink, so he can order more in anticipation and avoid the loss of use of a printer in that part of the school.

What’s more, RM Neon includes tools that are specifically designed to help manage, schedule and support your everyday tasks, which delivers significant time saving benefits. Chris says:

Our technicians will be able to automate tasks and spend less time monitoring systems, therefore freeing their time for other tasks.

You can also share ideas, best practice and feed into the future development of the product in the RM Neon Community area.

I’ve barely scratched the surface!

RM Neon’s PowerShell script library enables you to access a wide range of scripts from RM and fellow users and then edit them and schedule them to run. This, in particular, is something that Chris is keen to explore more.

We’re about to archive over 1,000 users using a script that replaces a process that would have taken at least 30 hours of technician time!

he explains:

We’re already looking to improve our scripting ability so we can automate as many repetitive tasks as possible. I haven’t even scratched the surface with PowerShell scripting, but that’s likely going to revolutionise our way of working.

For more information about how RM Neon can help you take control of your IT, visit

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