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The CD ROM drive has disappeared from My Computer and Windows Explorer


Check 1

  1. Click on the Start button and then select Find, then Files or Folders
  2. In the Named box type in ios.log, and make sure that C:\ is in the Look In box. Click Find
  3. If no file is found proceed to check 2
  4. If this file is found, double click it, and open it with Notepad.
  5. In the text of the file ios.log, look for an entry referring to INT 13 hooker MBRINT13
  6. The presence of this entry is a strong indication that a virus is present , and a virus checker should now be used on your computer. A free trial version can be downloaded from

Check 2

  1. Run RM Makedisk by clicking through to Start/Programs/MakeDisk. Alternatively, it can be run from the MS-DOS command prompt by changing to the C:\RM\SETUP directory and typing makedisk
  2. The Makedisk blue screen may (depending on the system specification) contain a listing for CD-ROM in the file structure on the right of the screen.
  3. Highlight CD-ROM, and press enter
  4. You will be prompted to insert a blank floppy disk. Do this and press C on the keyboard to continue. Note that more than one floppy disk may be required.
  5. Once the CD-ROM driver disk/s have been created, exit from Makedisk
  6. Insert the first disk (if appropriate). Click Start, then Run
  7. Click on Browse, and navigate to the a:\ drive looking for a file named setup or install.
  8. Double click this file. (setup if both are present), then click OK in the Run box

If the above checks are unsuccessful, then the problem is likely to be hardware related.

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