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What is my serial number and where can I find it? What is my serial number and where can I find it?


Any computer purchased from RM will have a unique serial number.

It is very important that when you call us that we are given the correct serial number for the machine that has the fault. Failure to do this may delay the call out considerably or may even lead to the call being chargeable.

Serial Number Examples:

There are two numbers that we would need to know. The first is the MODEL number and the second the SERIAL number.

For RM PC's:            (For Third Party Equipment see below)
The model number is always 5 or 6 characters
The serial number is always 2 letters and 8 digits

For example:
A2345 MO12345601
B6789 TO90265401
31983 WO23455601

Please Note:  MO, TO and WO above are letters NOT numbers (i.e. WO stands for "Work Order")

Where can I find the Serial Number?

The serial number and model number are on the same label and it are usually found in one of two places.  This lable is always on the very back of the computer (where the keyboard and mouse are connected), but if your computer was purchased after July '98 it may also have a silver label on either the left or right hand side of the case as well.

Any RM computer shipped within the last couple of years will also have a hidden document on it's hard drive called RMEQUIP.LOG. Serial Number Details can be obtained from this.

To open this file in Windows 95/98/NT/2000, do the following:

Click C:\RMEQUIP.LOG to open file.  If you have this file on your PC a "File Download" box will appear.  Select "Open this file from it's current location" and click OK.
Go to Windows Explorer and double click on the file rmequip.log in the root of C:\
Follow the link in RM PC Help, the help file that can be accessed off the Start Menu on all RM PC's (unless the hard drive has been formatted).

The file will then be loaded into Notepad where it can be viewed.


Note:  If this file has been deleted or the computers hard disk drive has been replaced, an error will occur as this file will not be found.

Example file for RMEQUIP.LOG:


Third Party Equipment

The only exception to this is NON-RM Third party equipment that is covered by a maintenance contract.  When raising a call against this type of computer, please provide us with both the serial number (which will normally look completely different to that of an RM computer) together with as much additional information as possible.

A typical example of the information we require is as follows:

E.g. Pentium, Pentium 2, Pentium 3, Xeon, etc.
E.g.16Mhz - 500Mhz depending on processor
E.g.16MB, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, etc.
Hard drive:
E.g 5GB, 10GB, etc.
E.g. x8, x16, x24, x32 speed, etc.

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