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We do not always get things right
Don't always get things right

Complaints are an opportunity for us to understand where we have not met our customers expectations, providing us with a chance to correct and ensure that the same issue does not occur again.

Every member of RM staff has been trained on how to correctly capture a complaint, allowing full details to be captured immediately and progressed without delay.

Our staff are supported in this process by the Customer Care Network (CCN). For more information on the CCN please see the article in this section entitled RM's Customer Care Network

When a complaint is received, there is a process that the CCN endeavour to follow to manage it through to resolution. Click on the link to view RM's Complaint Management Process
How to make a complaint

You can register a complaint with RM in a variety of ways. All complaints are treated in the same way, regardless of how the complaint is made. Below are some of the ways in which a complaint can be made:

Phone Us1. Verbally
Any member of RM staff is empowered to receive a complaint and you can do this either during face to face contact or over the telephone. If you would like to call us to register your complaint our main office contact number is: 08450 700300.

2. In Writing
If you would prefer to make a complaint in writing, you can do so by the following methods:

  • By clicking on the Contact Us link on the bottom, left hand side of the front page of rm.com
        and choosing 'Complaints' as the nature of your message.
  • By email to any member of RM staff
  • By fax - the main fax number is 08450 700400
  • By updating an open support call with details of your complaint
  • By letter addressed to any member of RM staff. The company address is:

  • RM Education Ltd
    Write to Us140 Milton Park
    OX14 4SB
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