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RM Education's Customer Champion Network
Taking Responsibility
As we believe the best way to learn and progress is by each area of the business taking responsibility, there is no central complaints department within RM Education. Instead we have the Customer Champion Network (CCN) where representatives from across the company are responsible for championing continuous improvement to the customer experience within their division, alongside their day job.
What is the Customer Champion Network?

The CCN consists of approximately 40 members from all over RM Education. Each area of the business has its own Customer Champion Team who are the point of contact for Customer Care and Customer feedback received within that area. The CCN are responsible for ensuring that all customer queries and issues are dealt with quickly and effectively and that feedback is acted on appropriately and consistently within each business area.

Every new starter at RM Education attends a Customer Experience induction where they are trained on our Values and Behaviours and also the company systems used. Our Champions also provide ongoing support and training to individuals within their area and collobrate with other Champions across RM Education to help resolve issues that arise.

As a business, we want to learn from your ideas, experiences and successes. This is why any feedback (including complaints) is owned by the area of the business responsible for the product or service offered to customers, allowing them to fully understand where things need to be improved and allowing them to react to feedback effectively. All feedback (including complaints) is reviewed on a weekly basis at Director level. This is how we drive continuous improvement.
Customer Focus

To help us improve the service and products we deliver to you, we encourage members of the CCN to speak to as many customers as possible so that we can really understand what is important to you. Therefore, you are likely to see CCN members at Technical Seminars and other events. If you should spot us at an event, please come over and let us know what you think.

If however you are reading this article and you feel that we are not listening and you wish to make a complaint, we do have company-wide processes in place to deal with this.

Click on the link to view RM's Complaint Management Process in detail

For more details on how to log a complaint, please click on this link

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