Your filters, their device.
Wherever they go.

It’s difficult to always know what your students are doing online and sometimes safeguarding responsibilities don’t just stop at the school gates. So, what if there was something that could protect them whilst also giving them the freedom to work without limits – wherever they go.

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How it works

Our cloud-based Internet filtering software RM Buzz, provides both in-school and take-home filtering for any students using a Chromebook*.

You control what filtering is appropriate for each user, then with a few simple clicks you’ve deployed RM Buzz, users are protected and you’re in control.

RM Buzz allows you to sync users from multiple sources including AD or MIS solutions via RM Unify or directly from G Suite for Education. RM Buzz uses single sign-on, automatically authenticating users for user-based filtering.

Your filters, their device, wherever they go.

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*Additional releases will be available during 2017, supporting Windows, Android and iOS
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Features included:

Chromebook device filtering
User-based filtering
Age-appropriate filtering
IWF filtering
URL and content filtering
including adult and extremist content
Time-based rules
ideal for take-home filtering
UK-based support
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