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Schools can save over £100k, simply moving to the cloud.


"We really need to embrace the cloud, it has transformed the way we’re working."

Owain Johns
Principal, UTC Oxfordshire

When you partner with us we will ensure we deliver:

An improved experience for your pupils.

Productivity improvements for your teachers.

Monetary savings to improve your budget.

Time-saving improvements for your office staff.

A sustainable ICT strategy for the senior leadership team.

Complete, comprehensive support every step of the way.

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Our cloud services allow teachers and students to work the way they live.

Today's learners demand constant access to technology despite budgetary pressures. Schools are coming under greater pressure to incorporate the technology their pupils are most familiar with in their everyday lives into the classroom. Moving to the cloud is one of the best ways to help schools save money whilst also transforming the way that teachers and students work and use technology. 

Cloud-delivered services are about moving services out of the school and putting it into a secure, shared location where you can access it as and when you need it. Cloud-based services and applications reduce infrastructure and IT costs, increase accessibility, enable collaboration, and allow schools more flexibility to allow teachers and students to work the way they live.

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Cloud can save
you time, money
and have an impact
in the classroom.

Choosing which services to move to the cloud, and in which order, will depend on your school, academy or trust’s priorities. Read our guide to cloud computing to see what the benefits of moving your IT services to the cloud will have in terms of financial, time savings and classroom impact.

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We offer impartial advice and expertise to maximise the potential of cloud.

As accredited partners with Apple, Google and Microsoft we offer impartial advice and expertise to support you to exploit the cloud to its full potential. For each technology ecosystem we can provide advice on devices, infrastructure and connectivity requirements to change management consultancy to minimise disruption and maximise the impact of your chosen technology, to implementation and deployment services, to training to support adoption and best practice.

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When investing in new technologies, you need a clear plan of what you want to achieve for your school.

We can help you implement transformational change whilst future proofing your infrastructure in a sustainable and secure way – all at a pace that suits your school.

RM have experience of setting up, migrating and supporting thousands of schools move to G Suite for Education and Microsoft Office 365. The DfE recommends, in their ‘Cloud computing: how schools can move services to the cloud’ guidance, that schools choose a partner who has the experience and knowledge to support your move to a cloud-first world.

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