Set IT free

How much could you save by moving your IT to the cloud?


Identity management

Automatic creation, from data in your MIS, of usernames and passwords to enable single sign-on to all your cloud services.

Critical systems

Cloud-based MIS and finance software packages

How does the cloud help to reduce my costs?

By moving IT infrastructure out of the school many of the costs associated with supporting servers, applications and data are reduced. Software and infrastructure can be paid for as needed and on a pay-per-use subscription model reducing the total cost of ownership of your IT.

As G Suite for Education and Office 365 are free for education financial savings can be made by switching to these web-based productivity suites, printing costs reduce and lower specification devices can be purchased to access these online apps.

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Productivity suite

G Suite for Education or Microsoft Office 365.

File storage

Google Drive and Google Sites (G Suite for Education) or OneDrive and SharePoint (Microsoft Office 365) offer free file storage and shared areas for education users.

How does the cloud help to save me time?

Our identity management software RM Unify provides a single identity for users that can be used to sign in to G Suite for Education, Microsoft Office 365 and a range of educational specific apps. Saving valuable time in the classroom, and for the network teams provisioning cloud services.

Teachers can collaborate on and share resources, with each other, give instant feedback and review work of their students. Helping to reduce workload and increase productivity.

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Classroom applications

Web-based software applications offered on an annual subscription. Some software may not be suitable to move to the cloud.

Network management

Mobile device management and network management toolsets.

How does the cloud impact the classroom?

There are some fantastic apps out there that can have a transformative effect on the way a teacher works. Enable them to set and collect homework projects, mark and provide feedback in real time and capture evidence.

Students can work together simultaneously on projects, learning how to co-operate and collaborate with their peers. In addition, curriculum applications and classroom content can be accessed around the clock, 24/7, from any device in any location with an Internet connection.

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