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RM Easimaths is the latest generation of RM Maths software that delivers measurable and tangible improvements, boosting pupil confidence and growing enthusiasm for numeracy.

Always online, it is designed with a 'little and often approach'. RM Easimaths is personalised for each individual user and with built in diagnostics running continuously in the background, critical data is captured which automatically adjusts the difficulty to keep pupils both challenged and motivated.

This webinar will help you get the most from your RM Easimaths by highlighting some areas of good practice and some suggestions for making the software effective in your school.

Join us for half an hour and discover...
  • The benefits of using RM Easimaths
  • Understand how to get the most out of RM Easimaths with suggestions of good practice for making the software effective in your school.
  • The range of reports that allow you to monitor progress of the whole class, groups or individual students
  • New range of activities that have been added

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RM easimaths User guide

User guide

Guidance on using RM Easimaths, including hints and tips on getting the most from the program.


RM Easimaths 
What is RM Easimaths?

These webinars are designed to help teachers get the most out of using RM Easimaths. If you've not used it before, find out more.

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