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As of 1st August 2016, you will no longer be able to receive the DPSN broadband service that you currently use.

You should have recently been informed that the Dorset PSN network is coming to an end in August 2016. There’s no need to panic, you’ve got enough time to find an alternative service provider.

RM Education and SWGfL have been working in partnership for over 15 years to offer schools a connectivity service suitable for education. We have experience of migrating schools from the Dorset PSN network, in fact during the last 12 months over 60 schools have moved to the RM/SWGfL service.

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If you have any questions or would like to talk about how RM Education and SWGfL can help your school with Internet services you can arrange a call or visit from the Service Delivery Manager dedicated to your area - email Nick Bratt at

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RM and SWGfL have worked closely with the DCC IT School Support team to create an efficient and painless migration process, ensuring that vital links to key systems such as DES are retained, and to enable the continuance of remote support across the school

Mark Hutchings - ICT Technical Analyst, DCC IT School Support Team

Arrange a call or visit from the Service Delivery Manager dedicated to your area - email Nick Bratt at

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RM and Manor Park School in Dorset transform the way in which computers are used to support learning.

“Children are more engaged with learning when they’re able to use the best tools. Our pupils can select from a wide range of really amazing tools, including ICT, to enhance their lessons and support the way they learn best.”

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