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The top 7 reasons for Hartlepool schools to make a positive change when your LA ceases support

Hartlepool LA have announced that as of July 17th 2017 they will no longer be supporting school connectivity services. Yet having a fast and reliable internet connection for your school is essential, as the demands on a school's bandwidth continues to grow due to the increasing use of eLearning tools and cloud services.

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Read on for the top 7 areas to consider when looking at alternative ISP’s

1. Improved performance

Fast broadband enables uptake of all-important digital and cloud services, resources in school, and therefore more effective teaching and learning. When looking at broadband providers it is important that there is no compromise on bandwidth, download limits or usage policies that could hold your school back.

2. Value for money

Rather than a one size fits all approach that Local Authorities can often take, the ability to look at single providers gives you the option to ensure that you are getting a service that meets your individual school needs, allowing you to pay for only what you need, with no hidden costs.

3. Raised attainment

A better performing and reliable connection minimises interruptions to teaching and learning and breeds staff confidence, allowing you to invest more in those areas that will make the biggest difference to your educational goals like raising attainment.

4. Online safety

With Ofsted’s latest safeguarding measures, the launch of the Prevent Duty as well as the recent update to DfE’s Keeping Children Safe in Education it’s now vital that your school stays ahead of the curve and ensure all staff have access to the right technology, expertise and training to keep students safe. Combining your broadband with your online safety needs will give you the confidence that you have everything you need to protect and empower your school community online.

5. Increased flexibility

During the timeframe of your existing broadband contract your requirements will have changed and not only this, will most likely change again during the course of your next contract. When looking at providers you should be confident that your ISP will support your current needs but also be flexible if those needs change.

6. Reliable service

Patchy broadband should be a thing of the past, yet not so according to many schools. With a 30% year on year growth in the demand for bandwidth, you need an Internet service provider you can rely on. A better performing and reliable connection minimises interruptions to learning and supports your teaching and learning needs rather than acting as a hindrance.

7. Outstanding support

If there is a problem with your broadband you need to be confident that the person on the other end of the phone will understand your specific needs as a school and react to them quickly, not phone you back after your working hours or when you’re teaching.

Why rm

RM have been delivering safe, fast, reliable connectivity solutions exclusively to the education sector for over 20 years and currently have over 3,000 schools that are connected through RM Broadband. Working in partnership with your school, we will give you the confidence to address known challenges and create new opportunities by offering credible advice and guidance.

Our broadband services include absolutely everything that you require for a service suitable for education. By giving you the option to create a service mix that fits your individual needs now and in the future, you can reduce costs, wasted time and potential risk.

Why rm

RM Broadband for schools

RM Broadband

A fast, reliable and safe Internet connection – offering great value, we'll provide the most suitable service for your school's location and usage.

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