Paying the same price for your broadband as a school twice your size?

Just £125 a month*

Internet and filtering at a price that reflects the size of your school

As a school with less than 100 pupils, paying the same price for your broadband connection as a large primary school with anywhere up to 300 pupils seems unreasonable. Yet this is commonplace for the majority of the schools in the UK.

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* Based on a 3-year contact; under the DfE search your school must be listed as having under 100 pupils

So, why not consider an alternative before you renew for another year?

At RM Education, we know that for a school of your size making your budget stretch is becoming increasingly difficult so we’ve put together a broadband package, designed specifically with small schools in mind.

Why it works for you

Reduces costs and overheads

There is no doubt that switching to RM Broadband could reduce costs for your school, but it’s important to note that this doesn’t mean you will be compromising on value. We will take full ownership of your connection and maintain, manage and update almost every element of the service for you, which can also save you time and reduce risks.

Protects your school

Every RM Broadband connection comes with filtering and firewall as standard, ensuring you that your network and the data stored on it are fully protected. Our proactive checks run in the background, monitoring your network for any issues. 28% of all incidents can be fixed before you’ve even had a chance to report it and should there be any problems that can’t be fixed proactively then our friendly support team are always on hand to support you.

Inspires trust and confidence

We know that for a school of your size the thought of moving away from your current Internet Service Provider can be daunting. At RM Education have been providing connectivity solutions exclusively to the education sector for over 20 years so you can have confidence that we have a proven track record of working with schools and responding to the ever changing needs of education.

Offers flexibility and choice

We understand that there isn’t a “one size fits all” approach for schools and that’s why we offer a wide range of services to meet your individual needs. We’ve designed this package to meet your needs as a small school right now, but should your situation change or pupil numbers increase, your account manager can work with you to ensure you always have a service that supports your goals.

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We would recommend RM to anybody, the speed, the quality and also the support they offer is just what you need.

Sally Bednall - Business Manager, St Giles CofE Primary School

What’s included with your connection?

Dedicated account management

Our staff are experienced and knowledgeable in latest policies and guidelines that relate to Internet and online safety in education. Your account manager will work with you to understand your challenges, address any issues and support you in reaching your educational goals.

Supporting you 24/7, 365 days a year

Our engineers are available to support you, whenever you may need them. Our support has a personalised approach with strong service levels, proactive fixes, and a quick and simple change request process. All service elements are managed by RM, meaning it’s delivered transparently and does not require technical knowledge in school or you having to wait until your IT technician is next in school to resolve any issues.

RM SafetyNet

RM SafetyNet is an established and leading filtering system used by thousands of schools, libraries and Local Authorities across the UK. You can have confidence that not only are your students protected when they’re online but you’ll also gain access to powerful analytics and data than can be used to improve learning.

RM SafetyNet helps you meet all the filtering requirements, as set out in the latest ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ DfE Guidance Document (May 2016), the Prevent Duty (July 2015) and Ofsted’s Common Inspection Framework (August 2015).

For a full list of what’s included as standard with every RM Broadband connection, download our Fibre Connect factsheet

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