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your IT Infrastructure

We can help you to plan a future-proofed infrastructure strategy and execute it in a controlled, affordable and sustainable way.

Your school's servers are the centre of your IT network and provide the storage and resources to support the entire IT network. Teachers and pupils want to be able to access the latest information as quickly as possible.

We have partnered with Dell, a leading hardware provider, to deliver the latest and most advanced types of servers designed specifically for the educational environment. Dell's high-performance servers improve network responsiveness, meaning your teachers and students can more easily communicate and collaborate without having to compromise on speed or safety.

To find out more call us free on 0800 046 9798 or email networks@rm.com

Why it works for you

Improved performance and reliability

Improve the complexity of your IT systems and allocate your resources between your servers efficiently for high-level performance and reliability, so your teachers and pupils have a seamless teaching and learning experience.

Industry-leading provider

Whether it is a Dell tower or rack server, they deliver the same great technology in a variety of ways to help meet your needs.

Peace of mind

It is a huge challenge to keep data both secure and accessible. With our range of Dell servers it is much easier for you IT team to manage day to day demands providing seamless, secure access to critical data and gives you a greater level of control over your IT.

100% education focused

Using the latest technology from RM Education and Dell you'll have an extremely well-tested solution, specifically designed with education in mind.

To find out more call us free on 0800 046 9798 or email networks@rm.com

We've developed massively in one year and couldn't have implemented a solution like this without RM Education

Alan Morris - Systems Development Manager, Ceredigion County Council

How it Works

High-quality servers that meet the needs of the school

Having efficient servers in place will improve your schools ICT performance and reliability, giving you more time to manage services and serve users more effectively. All servers we provide can be configured to suit your individual needs from a simple, low-cost primary school offering through to a demanding, high-performance secondary school network solution.

Tower servers

Designed for smaller establishments as an entry-level server, tower servers can typically be used to provide your teachers and pupils with resources such as email, file and print sharing. Though they look like desktop computers, tower servers don't require their own 'server room' on site, saving on space.

Rack servers

Should strong business growth create the demand for additional resources, tower servers can be easily converted to rack-mount servers with an additional piece of kit. Rack servers provide the efficiency to run more demanding applications.

To find out more call us free on 0800 046 9798 or email networks@rm.com

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