An integrated set of 9 core tools accessible through one easy-to-use

How it Works

Textease Studio CT is an integrated set of nine core tools - one user-friendly interface.

Textease Studio CT allows pupils of all ages and abilities to meet their own subject-related objectives without having to master complex, adult-focused software. You can use Textease Studio CT's tools in virtually any subject area and they can also be purchased individually.

The Textease Studio CT toolset

The nine tools in Textease Studio CT are fully integrated which means that they all work in a similar way. Once one of the tools is mastered, the others are easy to pick up. The tools are:

  • Textease Publisher CT – For all your writing and publishing needs
  • Textease Movies CT – Produce exciting movies in minutes
  • Textease Presenter CT – Create top-notch presentations to be proud of
  • Textease Draw CT – A revolutionary vector drawing tool
  • Textease Database CT – A truly easy-to-use, multi-user database
  • Textease Turtle CT – Flexible, progressive on-screen turtle graphics
  • Textease Spreadsheet CT – The perfect introduction to simple spreadsheets
  • Textease Paint CT – Vibrant, creative painting tool
  • Textease Branch CT – An imaginative way to sort and classify
But that's not all. Textease Studio CT also includes:
  • Thousands of resources, including clipart, digital photos, videos and sounds
  • Cross-curricular examples giving busy teachers lots of ideas
  • Natural-sounding speech that supports text being read back to you
  • A wealth of teacher support, including getting started guides

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We've developed massively in one year and couldn't have implemented a solution like this without RM Education

Alan Morris - Systems Development Manager, Ceredigion County Council

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To find out more call us free on 0800 046 9806

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