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Multi-functional printers

RM recommends Sharp multi-functional printers (MFPs) due to the diverse, high-quality product range available, allowing your school to choose the bespoke combination of printers and software you require within budget. Get a free print audit and see just how much you can save on your printing costs.

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Above and beyond the excellent range of MFPs are Sharp’s tailor-made software solutions. Print Accounting allows you to budget a set usage per individual user and for documents to only print when the user is at the printer, to ensure you can always find your documents and don’t print more than is necessary!

Papercut also runs on Sharp devices, allowing you to review print costs and usage as well as to divert printing to the most cost effective devices, and with the ability to allocate printing costs to departments as well, Papercut will keep you firmly in control of your printing costs.

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