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May Update

Hello and sorry for not getting the May update over to you before you broke up for half term. We've had lots of new people sign up for our newsletter over the last few weeks so we wanted to welcome our new subscribers!

In this month's addition we introduce a new feature of the month section, where each month we'll focus on one area of the system and how you can get the most of it as well as lots to tell you about in what's new. Plus, don’t forget to book your free place on the Summer Insights Meetups if you haven't already. They're a great chance to get together with the RM Integris team, be the first to find out about our new developments and do a bit of networking. There are still 10 events across the country to choose from and it is free to come along.

Insights meetups

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We're nearly at the half way point for the Summer Insights meetups and its been great to meet so many of you so far. There is still time for some of you to book on if you haven't done already, so why not take a look at our remaining locations and book your place.

Here's what our customers have said so far:

"Very well worth attending, I learnt a great deal and am inspired to try new ways of working."

Emma Marks, Tiptree and Stanway Primary Schools Consortium

"I love these workshops. It flags up how much we are currently under-utilising Integris and how with Integris' help we can work smarter - not harder!"

Michelle Jones, The Queen's School Kew

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Product News

Feature of the month

One thing that is often highlighted to us at the Insights meetups, is that there is so much functionality available in RM Integris that it can be difficult to know whether you are really making the most of the system. That's why we've put together our top twelve features for harnessing the power of RM Integris.

RM Integris Datashare management

Each month we'll focus on one area of the system and provide you with useful hints and tips for making the most of this particular area of the system.

We'd love to know what you think so if there is a feature of RM Integris that makes your life that bit easier that you think is worth sharing with the wider RM Integris community or there is a particular area that you would just like a bit more detail on then why not let us know.

Email rmintegris@rm.com

Parental Communications

If you weren't already aware, RM Integris have teamed up with Parent Hub to offer all our schools a great parent communication platform that's included in the RM Integris licence fee. This means that your school can benefit from an app and text messaging service that integrates directly with Integris, and makes it easy for you to reach your entire parent community.

Parent Hub

"We have been very impressed with the Parent Hub app. It is very easy to use and seems to have gone down well with parents. Also the team at Parent Hub have been extremely helpful."

Sally Allen, Business Manager -
St Joseph's Catholic Voluntary Academy, Derbyshire

If you want to find out more, why not visit the website and book a demo with Parent Hub. If you're already ready to get started you can even book in a time to get set up.

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What’s new!

This month we have made some changes to reporting:

The new Medical Details Sheet lets you print an A4 poster for each child with more serious medical conditions. It is ideal for displaying in canteens, staffrooms, or school offices when you need to respond quickly.

The new Persistent Absence Report shows you which pupils are persistent absentees and what percentage they are of your current roll, even making a comparison against a previous time period.

The Student Update Form has been improved, based on your requests, to now fit onto one A4

We have added many new fields into Ad Hoc Reporting, including medical details, parental NI numbers and dates of birth, phonics, staff clearance and contract information

Get an overview of reporting in RM Integris:

Find out more

We’ve also made some exciting changes to the Account module. You can now add transactions in bulk in the Record Student Account Transaction and we’ve added a Staff Account too.

Find out more about the Account module:

Find out more

‘How to’ get the most out of Student Find

This short video demonstrates the powerful uses of Student Find - from finding students with one characteristic to using multiple search criteria to really drill down into your data. For example, we show you how to find all female students, find students who have an 85% attendance record and find Year 1 students entitled to free school meals.

Watch now

Thanks for reading, we'll be back again at the end of the month.

The RM Integris team.

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