RM Integris June Newsletter

Welcome to your June update. In this month’s edition our 'How to' feature looks at Student Find, we outline training options to help you get the most out of Integris and introduce Caroline, a new member of the team. Plus, we keep you posted on changes to the Student Nationality field.

‘How to’ get the most out of Student Find
This short video demonstrates the powerful uses of Student Find - from finding students with one characteristic to using multiple search criteria to really drill down into your data. For example, we show you how to find all female students, find students who have an 85% attendance record and find Year 1 students entitled to free school meals.
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Harness the potential

Talk to us about your school’s priorities and current use of RM Integris and our expert educational consultants can assist you to harness its true potential. Our packages are flexible to suit your needs and budget. Call us on 08450 700 300 or download our PDF with suggested options for training and consultancy. View the RM Integris Training & Consultancy PDF now

Meet the team

This month we welcome Caroline to the RM Integris team. Caroline’s role is in product management with a focus on assessment; previously she worked at NFER as a Product Manager and prior to that as the Marketing Officer at an FE College. Working in education is a passion for Caroline and she is looking forward to working with you all. Find out how to contact Caroline here.

Student nationality update
Recording student nationality is now crucial because the DfE have made this information compulsory in the next census. Over the upcoming releases, we will be creating a new nationality field with the nationalities defined by the DfE for this purpose. Where possible, we will be mapping your existing data to the new field. This new field should be checked and populated for each student before the next census is due on 6th October.

Thanks for reading, we’ll be back next month.


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