We recently released support for multi-factor authentication (MFA) in RM Unify.

More details on this feature are available in the RM Unify Release v3.40 blog post and MFA technical article:



If you configure MFA for an application in RM Unify, then MFA will also be required for corresponding desktop or mobile applications if these use modern authentication. Modern authentication in this context means that the application supports an authentication protocol (WS-Federation), which means that it behaves in the same way as a browser.

Outlook E-Mail Clients

E-mail mobile clients or desktop applications will only present the RM Unify MFA challenge if modern authentication is enabled for your Microsoft O365 tenancy. If modern authentication is not enabled then these clients and apps will be using basic or WS-Trust authentication. Microsoft have provided details for how to enable modern authentication in Exchange Online is this support article.

If modern authentication is enabled for the tenancy, it is supported by:

  • Outlook 2016
  • Outlook 2013 but only if an additional registry setting is added (see Microsoft article).
  • Outlook app on both Android/iOS
  • iOS native mail client (since iOS 11).

These clients and apps, will, therefore, present the RM Unify MFA challenge if you enable MFA for O365.

Older versions of e-mail clients or apps that do not support modern authentication, however, will not present the MFA challenge.

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