In our next RM Unify release we will be adding new RM Unify Admin rights to allow more control over who can manage different elements of RM Unify.

The existing Admin right will remain and still allow users to do all of the tasks that these users can currently do but will be renamed as a 'Super Admin'.

In addition, there will be two new Admin rights:

  1. A 'Password Admin' who will have the ability to change passwords for all users apart from Super Admins. In general, password resets are the most common case dealt with by IT support and so this will allow a Super Admin to delegate password management duties to trusted users within their school. We think that this will be particularly useful for schools that do not have any RM Unify administrators on-site or who only have an administrator on-site for limited periods.

    All teachers will still keep the ability to reset students' passwords as they do today.

  2. A 'Launch Pad Admin' will be able to manage the Launch Pads in their establishment, within some limits:

    Managing branding settings - setting Launch Pad image and establishment logo.

    Managing the shared Launch Pad for any roles - the tiles that are visible and the order of them in the grid.

    Adding any Establishment tiles - these are simple link tiles to web content.

    Adding any SSO app tiles, where the Super Admin has already consented to the data release policy.

    A Launch Pad Admin will be able to manage the look and feel of the Launch Pad for their school, but authority to share data with any third party on-line services will remain the responsibility of a Super Admin.

    Teachers without this Admin right will no longer be able to add tiles to the establishment App Library or to shared Launch Pads.

A trusted user within the school can be granted either one or both of these new Admin rights.

Look out for more detailed information when this functionality releases in April.

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