It’s always daunting for anyone to go into a new business, questions start to pop into your head like it’s your first day at school; Will I get lost in the building? Will everyone be friendly? Will I be able to work the microwave?!

To have these questions instantly erode away after the first hour of being within RM is genuinely amazing. Everyone here is friendly and very willing to help me find my way and more than happy to answer any questions about RM.

I had a broad range of small projects I was given to help the company such as: researching and collecting data, applying my knowledge to help and discuss about the new GDPR laws, apprenticeships, Safer Internet Day and the recruitment processes that are put in place to recruit the right person. I was also invited to attend several meetings and workshops such as the GDPR workshop with the ops managers and the changes within Talent Link that had been put in place.

The main highlight of this week was probably creating a new job description form to be used in a future application role. It was fun creating one and putting in my knowledge from my business course to provide enough information and hopefully entice the right candidate for the role.

It was also very interesting to shadow other departments such as the RM results marketing team and the project management team and get to know more about the company and what each department does to make RM very successful.

Overall, the work experience with RM had gone above my expectations, with not just learning about the HR department but to work which I felt helped make a difference within the company (which is a rarity when doing work experience in a company.)

I would like to thank RM for allowing me to have this opportunity to experience a role within HR and once again for providing me with the knowledge and experience that I can apply to my future career.

And yes, I did manage to work the microwave.

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