Failure to increase ICT investment can mean limiting pupils’ learning opportunities and achievements, and also risk the security of sensitive data. RM Education, together with our long standing finance partner, Wesleyan Bank, can help stretch your ICT budget with a flexible and affordable leasing solution tailored to you.

Wesleyan has been committed to its members and customers for 175 years and has been providing compliant flexible finance solutions specifically for education for 15 years.

Why is leasing a great option for education?

Many education establishments believe schools aren’t allowed to lease or that it is too expensive or restricting. Leasing is different to borrowing and the flexibility of the options provided by Wesleyan mean you can get the equipment you need today with no upfront cost. It allows you to spread your costs over a choice of 1-5 years, with flexible repayment options. Choose to pay quarterly, monthly, termly or annually with competitive rates.

With your budget set aside to pay the lease, you can refresh your investment at the end of each lease for no extra net cost. Alternatively, Wesleyan offer the option to extend the lease for a short period or grant indefinite use. Wesleyan can also arrange insurance, so even if kids (or teachers!) drop the devices repeatedly and break them, they’ll be covered.

Leasing can also help fund 1:1 schemes and provide students with personal portable computers to enhance opportunities for learning. This can increase independence and self-initiated learning in students, and extend their learning beyond the classroom, ultimately preparing students for life after school, whether this leads to work, college or university.

What can you lease?

Although Wesleyan offer finance options for hardware, software, installation, training and support, our RM Recommends range is a popular choice for education establishments to lease, as it’s been tried, tested and validated specifically for UK education using our 40 years of experience in manufacturing hardware. New to our RM Recommends range are HP’s Education Edition laptops. Designed specifically for UK schools and featuring a ruggedised chassis and excellent battery life, these fully portable and secure laptops are perfect for giving students flexibility in their learning. These devices are part of the Microsoft Shape the Future initiative – offering eligible schools access to discounted Windows 10 National Academic licenses.

Lease an HP Education Edition Laptop from just £6.89 per month

Find out more about these HP Education Edition laptops and all of our RM Recommends range at:

Want to discuss your options around leasing? Get in touch now by emailing or calling our specialists on 01235 826002.

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