120 new HP laptops, a support contract and cash in the bank for Kenilworth School and Sports College!

In 2018, Kenilworth School and Sports College began searching for cost effective ways to upgrade 120 laptops. Some of their existing laptops were reaching end of life and were regularly in need of repair, often affecting teaching and learning. System Administrator Mani Kalsi met with RM who told him about the HP Trade-In scheme. Mani saw the trade-in scheme as a “very very good deal” and the wheels were put in motion to get the school’s application underway.

120 laptop trade-in

Poor battery life, regular repairs, encryption and GDPR requirements were all factors that played a part in the requirement for new laptops at Kenilworth School and Sports College. Yet with 120 laptops that needed to be upgraded, this was a significant investment for the school. Fortunately, System Administrator Mani Kalsi had a catch-up meeting booked with RM; it was fortuitous timing because the RM Account Managers Dipa and Sanil were able to tell Mani all about the HP Trade-In scheme that was running. “Getting advice around the Trade-In scheme made our decision to upgrade our laptops very easy,” says Mani. “Initially I wasn’t sure if we would meet the scheme criteria but it soon became clear that it was far easier than I originally thought.”

“RM were really good in supporting us throughout the HP Trade-In scheme process and we were able to turn to them with any queries we had”

Mani Kalsi, System Adminisrator, Kenilworth School & Sports College

The trade-in process

Mani carefully followed the trade-in instructions step-by-step, ensuring he met each deadline and submitted all the trade-in codes when he needed to. He then received approval and packed up all the old laptops which were collected by a courier and taken to HP for inspection. Upon receiving approval for the maximum cashback available per laptop a few weeks later, the school received the funds within just eight weeks from the beginning of the process. “It was great,” says Mani. “We got a huge amount of money in return for old kit that was gathering dust. We spent the funds we received on RM Support for three years and we still have money in the bank.”

Support and advice

Mani is delighted to now have access to RM Support which he wouldn’t have been able to afford without the trade-in funds from HP. "If anything goes wrong we now have the peace of mind that there is someone to help us when we don’t have that level of expertise,” he says. “Any issues also get resolved quickly, saving me hours of time.” Mani summarises with good advice for schools considering taking part in the HP Trade-In scheme. “It’s just really worthwhile,” he says. “Gather any devices you have that aren’t in use or need upgrading. The scheme is a great way of exchanging these for brand new devices and you get cashback to spend on other products or services too. Just follow the scheme instructions carefully and turn to RM if you need any help along the way.”

“We got the full amount of cashback available per laptop we returned, even those we were concerned about. This meant we received £24k. 50% of this we spent with RM and 50% we received back into our bank account as cash”

Mani Kalsi, System Adminisrator, Kenilworth School & Sports College

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