I am Dudley Metropolitan Borough born & bred and so it makes me especially proud to read David’s blog today singling out the fantastic achievement by Services – and specifically the Dudley Grid For Learning team - 20 years old today.

It really is a great success story across RM Education and in fact RM plc. But the biggest high five should surely go to the team who, every day, help teaching and learning across DMBC through ICT that just works!

My heartfelt congratulations to those who have been part of DGfL from 1st Feb 1999 – Angela Wood, David Yardley & Juliet Joy.

Those who joined within the first 6 months of the win - Inderpal Bhullar, John Turley & Pat Bull.

Those who have joined us part way through the last amazing 20 years – Chris Dandy, Colin Williams, Dan Kilvert, Duane Dickens, Jatinder Sandhu, Josh Woodberry, Karen Buffey, Kevin Williams, Luke Foley, Luke Weaver, Manny Sanghera, Philip Evans, Phil Holder, Shaun Woodall & Steve Eccles.

And to the contractors, some very long serving, who are as much part of the team that deliver for the schools across the LA – Imran Ali, Harmesh Daphu, David Lockley, Paul Lyons and Claire Saunders.

And, of course to the many RMers who are now in other parts of RM Ed or RM Results that will remember their years on the Dudley contract fondly.


Although born in the Black Country and edging into my 25th year at RM I have never worked on the Dudley contract until I was appointed Services Director back in July. I had visited many schools with Educationalists in BOPs and had meetings in Saltwells over the years, but it wasn’t until last summer that I had the pleasure of meeting the customer.

It’s a great example of true partnership and something that Douglas and the new Senior Service Account Manager will build on in the years ahead. With strong NPS scores and employee engagement it’s a great office and customer to go and visit. #becurious.

I’m heading off to celebrate with the team later this morning!

There are other things happening this week too – the AET order has been loaded, great news and a big thank you to Matt Hill for orchestrating that across the many teams & P&Ls, we are having weekly meetings about moving in to delivery now, it’s our biggest implementation for a number of years and so we are ensuring that it is well managed and sponsored.

I’ve been to Newham with Jeremy, Nathan, Dave and Derek – our biggest set of renewals this year and one that we are working hard to secure the schools’ commitment, good customer meetings and a very clear steer to us all what we need to do and where we need to work harder. And I’ve also been to East Anglia – CWA – a long standing college contract and Kings Ely – an Independent school just entering their third month of service – it’s a great reminder of the breadth of education establishments we support across the UK, both sectors we plan to grow in 2019.

Not a bad distance travelled considering the daily threat of snow. Hope you have all had a great week too.

Raise a glass to Dudley tonight!

Best wishes


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