We spoke with Mr McCarthy and asked him about the differences between his IT provision in school, before and after RM.

“Network stability was a big problem for us. We are an old site so there are a number of buildings dispersed on the site and some are old with thick traditional walls. Of course we also want to go wireless because that’s what children are used to, and there is also the mobility that wireless brings - we were really keen to achieve that. “In the past we had always used small, local businesses but they weren’t always able to give us the time and attention that we needed. So we were looking for someone to come in and run the whole thing - be a one-stop-shop for our IT needs.

“We spent a lot of time researching and in talking to RM we realised that they were going to be able to provide that one-stop-shop. That includes not only the network itself, making sure that it’s stable enough for our needs, but also providing strategic support in terms of the teaching and learning for the children.

“So that was the big focus - to get IT that we could access quickly and reliably and that the children could depend upon right through the lesson.

“With RM, a lot of the work is going on in the background, so we can be almost entirely confident that when we come into work in the morning, everything has been done. All the network updates and backups are completed overnight, so any issues that do arise are very quickly resolved - we’ve definitely had far fewer issues over the last year!

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