I think that my work experience at RM Education was really good because when I first came in on Monday I wasn’t too sure what I was going to be doing or what it was going to be like. I didn’t really know what sort of tasks I was going to be doing, but when I got here I think that it has been very interesting because some of the work I have done actually needs to be done and is important. I liked the RM Results section as well because some of their customers and case studies are international and it gives them to opportunity to travel. When I was working with Hema In the connectivity section I learned how to insert and function a Pivot Table on Excel when I was doing Bandwidth Data with her. I also think that I have learned what it is like to work in an office as I have never really been inside / worked in a proper office before. Another good thing was that I was never bored and always had something to do which I liked because I am only here for a week so it is good to do and see as much as possible to decide if I want to do a job like this in the future. It was also cool that I was able to go into some meetings to see what they talk about and how they work. When I was working with Denise I completed a SWOT Analysis which was helpful for me because I am doing things like that at my College. I also liked how some of the work I have been doing will go onto the website e.g. MANRS logo and the nice quotes from customers. I think that everyone that I have worked with over the week has been really nice by answering questions if I got stuck on something or in general just helping me out and chatting to me. Overall I think that it has been really good and I have learnt a lot and I will definitely look into the apprenticeship scheme once I’ve finished college.

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