You may have noticed that the RM Unify blog has been rather quiet for a while.

This isn't because we haven't been busy - far from it. Development of the platform has been continuing at the same rate as ever on improvements including:

  • RM Unify free trial options
  • Improvements to password download options
  • Parent establishment launch pads for multi-academy trusts
  • Security improvements including changes to enforce TLS 1.2 in line with Microsoft changes for O365
  • Bug fixes and a set of fixes and improvements to AD Sync to be released over the next couple of months before the key summer period.

We have, however, been thinking more about the best ways to communicate and share news and information with customers and the ways that we do this will be changing over the next few months.

You may already have seen that the RM Unify roadmap has been moved to a new platform and is now available through a link on the RM Unify Help page. You can now also submit your ideas to us for future RM Unify improvements and it's great that customers have been telling us about features that would help to make RM Unify work better for them.

See for more information on the roadmap link and how to tell us about your ideas for the RM Unify.

One of the key changes we have coming up in the next couple of months has been prioritised directly as a result of customer feedback. This change will give RM Unify admins the ability to hard-delete user identities to make it much easier to reuse usernames and e-mail addresses and remove the current barriers which mean that a support call is usually necessary. We'll give you more information about this when it is ready for release.

It would really helpful for us to understand whether RM Unify customers value the information that we have shared through this RM Unify blog or what other sources of information from RM you value. Please let us know your thoughts and opinions through the comments option below.

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