RM Unify v3.54 was released yesterday. This release contains a number of improvements to our integration with RM's school MIS, RM Integris, as a first step to making these products work much better together and allow customers to benefit from the combined features of both. Further integration improvements will be coming over the next few months, including full single sign-on to RM Integris through RM Unify, and we'll be sharing more information as this work develops.

In the latest RM Unify release, we have released an option to synchronise MIS data from RM Integris into RM Unify on-demand so that customers can push up-to-date data into RM Unify immediately rather than having to wait for the automatic synchronisation that runs each day overnight, for example, when new staff or students are added to the MIS and need to access RM Unify on the same day.

In the RM Unify Management Console Dashboard page, you can see details of the current synchronisation status and the new resync option:

Synchronisation status

For customers who don't use RM Integris, we are planning a larger-scale piece of work next month to start reviewing our approach to pulling data from other school MISs. This will be an important change for us to open up potential options to extend the scope of the data that we pull from MISs in the future (but only with the approval of data controllers). Look out for more information about this later in the year.

Aside from RM Integris-related changes, we have also made significant changes to our AD Network Provisioning solution to allow us to support provisioning of multiple schools into a single large Active Directory. This option will be in trial with a large local authority over the next few months and is a significant step forward in allowing us to support a larger, more complex network scenario.

All of our product updates always contain a variety of smaller bug fixes, security improvements and smaller enhancements that we don't always describe in detail and this release is no exception. One fix in this release shows how we respond to product issues identified from customer support calls. In this case, a customer had noticed that setting of user disk quotas through RM Unify Network Provisioning was failing to set any quotas greater than 2GB. As we were already working on making changes to our network provisioning code for the multi-school/single AD scenario, it made sense to fit this small fix in at the same time. It may only be a small fix but, hopefully, it will help to remove an inconvenience for our customers.

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