From February 17th, Google are planning to gradually release breaking changes to the default behaviour of cookies with Chrome 80:

Chrome is the most common browser used by RM Unify users, and in order to mitigate any unintended impact from these changes, and maintain their integration with RM Unify, integrated app providers have been making changes to how their apps handle cookies.

Unfortunately, we are also aware that some older browsers and devices, used by a small number of customers, may be incompatible with these changes:

App providers may be able to implement their changes in such a way that maintains compatibility with older browsers and devices, however, there is a risk that these apps will no longer behave as expected.

The advice for most users will be to upgrade their browser, if this does not already happen automatically.

Incompatible Browser Guidance
Chrome 51-66 Upgrade to the latest version - Chrome 80
UC Browser < 12.13.2 on Android Upgrade to an alternative browser
Safari on MacOS 10.14 Upgrade to the latest version of MacOS and Safari or use an alternative browser
Embedded browsers (i.e. all browsers) on iOS 12 Upgrade to the latest version of iOS and Safari or use an alternative browser.
This may, however, not be possible if you are using a device limited to iOS 12 (for example, iPhone 6). Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that these devices will continue to behave as expected and, if this is the case, we would advise customers to contact the relevant app providers to seek their advice.

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