Some schools will tell you it’s hard to make progress implementing new technology and making it stick. Most teachers can describe technology initiatives that have come and gone but didn't fundamentally change to how things were done. But some teachers and senior leaders can describe a very different experience where technology is changing teaching and learning in their schools for the better.

We wanted to understand how teachers really felt about edtech - how confident they were using it, and how confident they were that it could actually deliver the benefits it promised. We’re delighted to be able to share the results of this research. It was disappointing to see that only 27% of teachers in our survey were confident using the technology provided by their schools and only 42% of our respondents believed confidence would change in the next few years. But we were encouraged that 61% believed technology could play a part in improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Where did our survey find technology could have the biggest impact on efficiency and effectiveness? Formative and summative assessment was chosen by 84% of respondents and the school MIS by 64%. Does our survey reflect your experience in your school? We’d love to hear your views. For more information about our research download our infographic.

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