We have now released V4.20 to live, which contains improvements to RM Integris provisioned registration groups to Microsoft and Google as well as updates to Google user attributes who have been provisioned by RM Unify.

RM Integris registration groups

For RM Integris customers who use RM Unify to provision users and groups to Microsoft 365 and Google, we have made an improvement that will automatically apply up to 2 teaching staff to registration groups (or ‘classes’) in Microsoft 365 groups and classes (which can be linked to Teams) and the same for Google Classroom. This will mean that you will no longer have to manually add teaching staff to Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom and RM Unify will handle the membership management, including deleting any staff who are removed in RM Integris. This is all part of our effort towards making a great experience with RM products that work together. Any existing RM Integris customers will have to revisit RM Integris Datashare, click onto the RM Unify app tile and accept the new permissions in order to benefit from this functionality.

Google User Attributes

Previously, RM Unify has not populated any data in the Google user attributes for users it provisions. Following this release, any new Google federations will automatically get the following attributes applied:

Google user attribute RM Unify Value
Type of employee User role e.g. Student, Teaching Staff, Non Teaching Staff
Cost Center User Year of Entry (Students only)
Department Establishment Name and DfE code
e.g. St. Marys (4561234)

This will bring us more closely in line with our functionality we offer with Microsoft 365 user attribute setting.

For any customers with existing Google federations, we will not be automatically applying these attributes at this stage to avoid overwriting any attributes which may have already been set. We will be announcing plans later next year about the rollout of this feature for existing customers.

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