RM Education is committed to developing engaging and inspiring solutions for the effective use of technology in education. Everything we do is focused on helping teachers to teach and learners to learn which means that we love hearing from teachers on the differences that RM software is making in their classrooms.

Last month we received a lovely story from Katie Breese, Assistant Headteacher, at Kenyngton Manor School about the impact RM Easimaths, our online maths software, has made to the progression of one of the lower ability pupils in her class.

Katie Breese said: “I wanted to let you know a story about a year 6 child back in May 2015. He was a boy who was level 1 at KS1 and attainment in maths was always low for him. He did not enjoy maths lessons and had emotional difficulties which meant that any small group work or 1:1 tuition did not work for him as he struggled to get past the negative teacher child relationship he created.

He loved RM Easimaths and was on it on a daily basis - most days more than once, and I carefully moved him on through the levels when he stated it was too easy for him, as he would lose interest if the challenge wasn’t there.

The whole year he showed an ability at level 3….and we predicted this for him as there were many barriers in his way to achieve a level 4.

Anyway – as you can probably guess – he did achieve a level 4 in maths – which amazed us all!!! Mainly because we had level 4 children who only achieved a level 3!!!!

We believe this was solely down to RM Easimaths, the progression and understanding of maths embedded in it, and his love of it.”

RM Easimaths has been helping pupils of all abilities progress with their maths for over 3 years, based on the award-winning RM Maths software, the system encourages a little and often approach to learning which encourages confident pupil progression.

Raising maths attainment with RM Easimaths

We love getting feedback so please do get in touch to let us know how you are using RM Easimaths, what your pupils think of it. Email your reviews and feedback to rmeasimaths@rm.com.


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