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The benefits of adapting IT use for the 'plug-and-play' generation by Lesley Smith

Part of embracing the very latest technology means operating in the cloud and the Department for Education's recent whitepaper on 'IT cloud computing' highlighted the ... Read More

A vast improvement in our laptop logon times and teacher confidence by Lesley Smith

Longman's Hill Community Primary School is a smaller than average primary school with 200 children on roll situated in Selby, North Yorkshire. Headteacher Jan Elcock ... Read More

Five reasons why you SHOULD be able to take your IT for granted by Lesley Smith

IT is now the fourth utility, after your gas, electric and water; it has to ‘just work’ because it is integral to the business critical functions of your school, so you have ... Read More

BYOD: A Cost Saving Solution? by Steve Forbes

Throughout this blog series on BYOD and 1:1 Tablet Implementation, we’ll learn about the types of BYOD scheme, the numerous benefits, the challenges of implementing these ... Read More

Cost saving as a Multi-Academy Trust by Andy Hutt

I don’t want to start on too gloomy a note but, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS)1 , school spending per pupil is likely to fall by around 8% in real terms ... Read More

Budget Solutions: Preventing Lost Teaching Time by Lesley Smith

As we've explored throughout our Budget Solutions blog series, there are significant benefits to rethinking your school's approach to ICT in the face of ever-decreasing ... Read More

Budget Solutions: Choosing the Right ICT Partner for Your School by Lesley Smith

Over the past few years, it has been well documented that there is an increasing pressure on schools to keep up to date with fast-moving changes in technology. These demands ... Read More

Budget Solutions Does Technology Support Your Pedagogy by Kerry Helby

At RM Education, we often encounter schools whose ICT investment has been driven by the latest technology trends, where ICT investment hasn't been steered as to how the ... Read More

Budget Solutions: Becoming a Server-less School by Lesley Smith

During our research into ICT spend, we found that some secondary schools, for instance, are spending as much as £135 per pupil on school-employed ICT teams and any ... Read More

Budget Solutions: Reducing ICT Support Costs by Kerry Helby

In our previous blog posts exploring Budget Solutions, we’ve seen how becoming a server-less school can have a significant impact on reducing your school’s overall ICT ... Read More

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