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Updates on Infant Free School Meals by Ina Zuncke

Following the publication of the School Food Plan in the summer of 2013, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced free school lunches for all infant children in the hope ... Read More

After Levels - The DfE has published its proposals by Hugh Lorimer

Last July the DfE published a consultation on reform to primary school assessment – or how schools should assess pupils after Levels have been abolished.   The consultation ... Read More

Education in 2013 – Part 3: Academies and Free Schools by Ina Zuncke

This is the third and final part in my series looking back at education in 2013, and focuses on academies and free schools in England. Academies (click here) As of ... Read More

Education Policy in 2013 – Part 2: Funding by Ina Zuncke

This is the second part in my series looking back at the policy and funding announcements of 2013, and focuses on school funding; both in terms of overall national funding ... Read More

Education Policy in 2013 – Part 1: Curriculum and Accountability by Ina Zuncke

This is the first in a summary series looking back on some of the key policy announcements in education in 2013, and begins by looking at curriculum and ... Read More

Why pupils suffering homophobic bullying have an added hurdle by Suzanne Kyle

A guest blog from Teresa Hughes, General Manager at Securus Software and child protection consultant Last week, schools across the country marked Anti-Bullying Week with ... Read More

Sponsored and Converted Academies: Trends by Sector by Ina Zuncke

For the first time this November, there are more sponsored primary academies open in England than sponsored secondary academies. Nevertheless, the proportion of primary ... Read More

Why schools shouldn’t ban Facebook – RM launches free e-safety resources site for schools by Admin

When we ask schools about their ICT priorities, e-safety consistently tops the list.  Not surprising when you consider that e-safety now forms part of Ofsted’s inspection ... Read More

Ofqual's Annual Qualifications Market Report 2013: Key Points by Ina Zuncke

By Martin Adams, Senior Business Analyst at RM Assessment & Data. Didn't have time to read all 114 pages of Ofqual's Annual Qualifications Market Report when it came out in ... Read More

2012-13 A-level results: an infographic by Ina Zuncke

The latest breakdowns for this year's A-level released by the Department for Education reveal that 20% of all students aged 16-19 achieved at least AAB grades. However, ... Read More

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