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RM Education at the ASCL Annual Conference by Lesley Smith

On 20-21 March, RM Education joined 1,000 school leaders, MPs, education experts and fascinating keynote speakers at the ASCL Annual Conference 2015. Watch the highlights ... Read More

Social media - a tool for social engagement? by

When discussing tools to improve pupil and parent engagement the topic of social media cannot be avoided. It is a huge part of how pupils, parents, and teachers ... Read More

RM joins forces with Derbyshire County Council in £2.2m contract to deliver ICT services to area's schools by Sankar

Derbyshire County Council has agreed a £2.2 million contract with RM Education, a leading supplier of ICT services to schools throughout the United Kingdom, to provide ... Read More

Spread the jam by Imogen Naylor-Higgs

Morgan, as Secretary of State for Education, spoke about five training projects that the Department ... Read More

A presentation of the new curriculum and assessments for governors by Hugh Lorimer

The National Curriculum is now up and running in schools across England and although the first of the new assessments won’t take place until next academic year, teachers are ... Read More

Primary Assessment Reporting to Parents in 2016 and Beyond by Hugh Lorimer

Analysts and educationalists have been busy studying the DfE’s plans for Primary Assessment in the coming years. Working for RM in the provision of tracking and reporting ... Read More

Academies April 2014 by Ina Zuncke

As of April 2014 there are a total of 3,850 sponsored and converted academies open in England. Of those, 2,779 are converted while 1,071 are sponsored academies. And while ... Read More

Changing times by Lesley Smith

RM Education received significant positive feedback last year when we announced that we would be focusing on the Software and Services areas of our business. In this blog ... Read More

Changes to future GCSE grading by Ina Zuncke

From September 2015 students will start sitting more challenging GCSEs which, along with a ‘more demanding’  curriculum and assessment system, will have different grading: ... Read More

Updates on Infant Free School Meals by Ina Zuncke

Following the publication of the School Food Plan in the summer of 2013, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced free school lunches for all infant children in the hope ... Read More

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