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8 Considerations for Implementing a One-to-One Device Programme by Terry Freedman

Implementing a programme to give every student their own device is easy, right? All you have to do is raise some cash, buy a truck-load of stuff, and dish it out. Well, not ... Read More

Exploring the Mobile School by Terry Freedman

When Loxford School, Redbridge, had to shut its doors for two weeks while it moved to a brand new school building, there were no screaming headlines in the local or national ... Read More

Real e-safety is more than ticking boxes by Terry Freedman

In one of the stories about Mullah Nasrudin, an old Persian folk hero, he was looking under a street lamp for the set of keys he’d lost. Some neighbours came to ... Read More

Why move to the cloud? by Terry Freedman

There are a number of benefits of moving a school’s learning resources and infrastructure online – as long as you choose your Cloud services provider carefully. But more of ... Read More

E-Safety, what you need to know by Terry Freedman

E-safety is a big topic. It’s big in the sense of being in everyone’s minds whenever they hear “technology” and “young person” in the same sentence. And it’s big in the ... Read More

Academies update: November 2012 by Ina Zuncke

As of 1st November 2012 there are 2,456 academies open in England - 536 sponsored academies and 1,920 converted academies. In addition, another 431 schools have had their ... Read More

Academies Update: September 2012 by Ina Zuncke

The latest figures from the Department for Education reveal that as of 1st September 2012 there are 2,309 academies open in England. This represents a 10-fold increase from ... Read More

Helping schools join the ebook revolution by Admin

In 2011, sales of fiction books in digital format outstripped sales of hard copies for the first time. It seems we increasingly prefer to access our books through digital ... Read More

Free Schools in England by Ina Zuncke

On 13th July 2012 Prime Minister David Cameron said: “Free Schools symbolise everything that is good about the revolution that we are bringing to Britain's schools. Choice ... Read More

With huge changes in the wind it’s time to think about your network by Admin

Having a network that works reliably is hugely important to keep teachers teaching and learners learning. So making changes to your network may be the last thing you want to ... Read More


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