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James Review of School Capital Funding by Dale Peters

Sebastian James has published his, much delayed, review of capital funding for schools in England. The review covers Building Schools for the Future and Devolved and ... Read More

Who won their ideal Learning Space? Winners announced... by Admin

At BETT 2011, we invited you to design your ideal learning space. And win it. We received hundreds of entries from schools of all shapes and sizes across the UK that left ... Read More

RM Education gives away £26,500 of state-of-the-art learning technology by Admin

First prize awarded to Athlestan Primary School Hundreds of schools across the country entered our competition in which pupils of all ages used their imagination to dream ... Read More

So what is the ‘Free’ in ‘Free Schools’ all about? by Dale Peters

Today's entry on the blog is a guest post from Andy Bruce, an e-learning advisor from Oxfordshire. Well clearly it's not 'free' to set up and run a free school and there ... Read More

"OMG! - I've got to teach..." by Admin

Was the first thought that sprang to mind when I was approached to teach a school lesson as part of "Teach First Week". For those that don't know, Teach First is a charity ... Read More

The Wolf Report by Dale Peters

Michael Gove's foreword to the Review of Vocational Education (The Wolf Report) starts by saying: Since Prince Albert established the Royal Commission in 1851 policy-makers ... Read More

School Partnerships: pitfalls and possibilities by Tim Brighouse

Increasingly schools are being encouraged to consider partnerships with other schools. This blog is intended to help schools make the best use of partnerships. First a word ... Read More

A New Lease of Life? Why leasing is growing in popularity by Admin

Following Sue Thompson's guest post ' Top Ten Tips for Effective Procurement ', we explore tips 7 and 10, and consider how leasing is gaining in popularity as a way of ... Read More

The English Baccalaureate by Tim Brighouse

The English Baccalaureate seems to have provoked three reactions. 'It is outrageous and exclusive rather than inclusive: we shall ignore it'. I came across this last night ... Read More

UPDATE: Dramatically reduce the cost of your Internet connection by Admin

UPDATE: Since posting this article last month, we've seen an unprecedented increase in enquiries for Internet connectivity. We've already saved secondary schools many ... Read More


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