Some days your ICT probably just works like a dream – in fact you wouldn’t even know it’s there. Other days however, your Wi-Fi might play up, your laptop develops a faulty connection or the software package you depended on for teaching Year 8 students freezes.

Where do you turn to if your ICT doesn’t work properly and how soon can they send blue light assistance out to help you? We’ve heard many horror stories from customers who have used external providers in the past – and have been left waiting for days or weeks to get something fixed. We believe, now that we are well into the 21st century – that nobody should be kept waiting when it comes to technology – and that’s why we’ve put these quick questions together. Use the quiz below to find out if your ICT support provider is doing a good, an average or a poor job.

  Poor Average Good
Your Wi-Fi fails and you call your ICT support provider to get it fixed. How long does it take? One week or more. Within 48 hours. Within 24 hours.
Your teachers/ICT staff need training on how to use the latest classroom tools. Can your ICT provider help? They’re not sure what to do and suggest you look online. They can suggest a reputable training provider. Yes they can carry out the training themselves.
You need some advice around whether your school should transition to the cloud and if so, when/how. They send you some costs by email after a few weeks. They speak to you on the phone within a week or two of your enquiry and send you a quote by email. They arrange a call or a visit with you within the next week to discuss your challenges and objectives and subsequently talk you through a transition plan and costs.
Teachers are spending too much time marking. You ask your ICT support provider for a way to help with this. Your provider has no examples of how they have helped schools with marking in the past. They aren’t 100% focused on education so they’re not sure. Your provider has a standard proprietary solution and recommends this. It is a good solution but not a perfect fit for your school’s needs. Your ICT support provider has a number of examples where they have used technology to free up teachers’ time. They visit you and make recommendations that are personalised for your school.
You are concerned about a ransomware attack at school and want to ensure your school is protected. You ask your ICT provider for help. Your ICT provider doesn’t know about IT security for schools and suggests you find help elsewhere. It’s not their area of expertise. Your provider suggests a number of suitable packages with pricing and then leaves it to you to get everything chosen and installed. Your ICT provider immediately arranges for an assessment of your school’s IT security. It is quickly carried out and recommendations made/pricing given according to the vulnerabilities you have. They are there to assist you when the new security software is installed.
Senior staff members have been complaining that reporting is clunky and it takes too much time. They are also concerned about accuracy. Your ICT provider only sells software and hardware and isn’t able to support you with improving office functions. Your ICT provider can help with a solution that can improve reporting but isn’t sure how to manage your historic data. Your ICT provider knows exactly what to do to improve data management and reporting, making reports more accurate and far easier to access. They can assist you with implementing the solution on-site or remotely, can provide you with reasonable costs for the project, and offer training for staff. Historical data is also integrated effectively.
You’re not sure how much or how little ICT support you need and don’t want to sign up to a solution that’s too expensive or not right for your school. Your provider offers you one standard package in a one-size-fits all approach. Your ICT support provider emails you a menu of standardised packages that they can offer you. You need to find one that looks about right for your school. Your ICT provider spends time with you at your school and carries out an audit to understand your challenges and objectives. They suggest a modular-style support package that is tailored to your needs and budget.

If you would like to understand more about the effectiveness of your ICT, try our free online Health Check Tool to see how your school stacks up. After the health check, why not call our team to ensure you are getting the blue light help you need?

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