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One-to-one devices at Victoria Park Academy by Terry Freedman

What happens when you give a tablet (or similar) device to a pupil who is economically disadvantaged? If the experience of Victoria Park Academy in Birmingham is anything to ... Read More

The potential of one-to-one devices for class activities by Terry Freedman

You’d think that a one-to-one programme in a school would be a sure-fire way to kill any ideas of collaboration at birth. Yet paradoxically, an initiative whereby each pupil ... Read More

Bringing reading to life on World Book Day by Admin

A love of reading is top of many parents’ wish list for their children: it opens the door to other worlds, imparts knowledge, supports learning and it’s great fun. But what ... Read More

E-Safety, what you need to know by Terry Freedman

E-safety is a big topic. It’s big in the sense of being in everyone’s minds whenever they hear “technology” and “young person” in the same sentence. And it’s big in the ... Read More

1:1 computing in schools will soon be the norm and “technology is a right not a privilege” by Suzanne Kyle

It was a really busy first day at BETT with some clear themes already emerging from our conversations with customers.  As we gear up for day two, some reflections on the ... Read More

10 Science Resources for your Interactive Whiteboard by Danny Nicholson

There are many ways an interactive whiteboard can be used to support science teaching. Your whiteboard allows you to run simulations, play videos and demonstrate practical ... Read More

Using Visualisers for Assessment by Terry Freedman

Assessment no longer needs to involve keeping the kids in silence for three hours. Well, not all the time anyway! Terry Freedman explores how visualisers could be used ... Read More

Using an Interactive Whiteboard for Assessment by Terry Freedman

Interactive Whiteboards are just glorified whiteboards, right? Wrong! Terry Freedman considers a few tools which make them great for assessing what pupils know. After ... Read More

‘Big up’ the New iPad Mini! by Admin

Great things come in small sizes … Or “the best things come in small packages” or whatever the expression is! Well finally the wait was over to find out about the new iPad ... Read More

Downlands School loves iPad... by RM Education

Background to the school Downlands Community School, located on Royal Signals Camp in Blandford, Dorset, is a Primary school catering for children aged 4-11. The school is ... Read More

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