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Work Experience with RM by Rebecca Moore

It’s always daunting for anyone to go into a new business, questions start to pop into your head like it’s your first day at school; Will I get lost in the building? Will ... Read More

How to improve productivity using Microsoft Teams by Steve Forbes

Last year the BBC released findings which found that most full-time teachers work an average of 48.2 hours per work, but one in five works 60 hours or more – 12 hours above ... Read More

5 easy ways to avoid the summer slide by Katy Beardall

Learning loss over the summer months, otherwise referred to as the ‘summer slide’, is a commonly cited problem in primary schools everywhere at the start of the new academic ... Read More

We don’t GO online, we LIVE online! by Louise Jones

The World Wide Web as we know it is now a little more than a quarter of century old, you could say it’s wiser and more mature than it’s 25 years on the planet! We really do ... Read More

Would an extra £32,000 fill any gaps in your school’s budget? by Lesley Smith

  If you total up the cost of your IT staff salaries including the ever-increasing National Insurance and pension liabilities, and then add on the extra cost of any support ... Read More

Ten reasons to attend the RM Seminars by The RM Events Team

Want to know what to expect from the upcoming RM Seminars this spring? Then look no further than these 10 reasons to find out exactly why you need to attend one of the 11 ... Read More

Discovering Stories in the Data by Louise Jones, Senior Consultant of the Cairngorm Futures Team

Introduction There is no doubt about it lots of learners (and educators!) find looking at vast amounts of data a bit dull. We can often be overwhelmed with numbers and ... Read More

Recreating Creativity! by Louise Jones, Senior Consultant of the Cairngorm Futures Team

Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. The creative process can be a slow burning affair, taking time, many tweaks, edits and even a few ... Read More

RM Easimaths ‘challenges and supports pupils’ at Devonshire Primary School by Katy Beardall

Devonshire Primary School is a diverse, three form entry school in the heart of Sutton. There are more than 600 pupils and 50% of the children are on the English as an ... Read More

The Law and Sexting in Schools by Charlotte Aynsley, Education Consultant

Charlotte Aynsley, an Education Consultant and associate in Online Safety for RM Education. She has worked in the online safety field for over 15 years, 10 of which were ... Read More

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