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How to get started with Just2Easy by RM Unify Administrator

Have you just started the Your Scotland competition? Here are some hints and tips on how to make the most of J2e during the competition! From 19th August-9th October, ... Read More

How to get started with Just2Easy by RM Unify Administrator

Are you looking for hints and tips of how to get started with BrainPOP and make the most of it in the Your Scotland competition? From 17th August-9th October, BrainPOP will ... Read More

RM Unify posters for your school by RM Unify Administrator

We’ve put together some RM Unify posters for schools to share key contact details, URLs and information on where to go for support with RM Unify. Print off as many as you ... Read More

Welcome to RM Unify v2.30 – A new login page for Glow by RM Unify Administrator

Welcome to RM Unify v2.30 In this release, the Glow login page has undergone a refresh. The username and password fields are now larger, and there are less links on the ... Read More

Get inspired for creative writing on J.K. Rowling’s Birthday by RM Unify Administrator

Today, J. K. Rowling celebrates her birthday; one of the most successful female authors of all time, credited with doing perhaps more than any other contemporary writer to ... Read More

Introducing v2.28 of RM Unify – Google Apps password sync by RM Unify Administrator

New features in RM Unify V2.28: Glow and CSV provisioned users can keep their Google Apps and RM Unify passwords in- sync (for Android App and Chromebook access). ... Read More

Ofsted Changes – June 2015 by RM Unify Administrator

Last week Ofsted announced far-reaching changes to the way it inspects early years provision, schools and further education and skills. These changes will come into effect ... Read More

Pupil Premium Narrowing the Attainment Gap by Sankar

It already seems like a lifetime ago when Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg and David Laws persuaded the coalition administration to adopt a measure to close the attainment gap ... Read More

Scotland Lights Up Malawi Final by RM Unify Administrator

Last week saw the final of the Scotland Lights Up Malawi competition, a national competition encouraging students to deepen their understanding of renewable energy issues ... Read More

PowerWise – Teaching classrooms in Scotland about electricity by RM Unify Administrator

Welcome to PowerWise! PowerWise, the outstanding new educational website from ScottishPower, teaches children and young adults all about electricity and how to stay safe ... Read More

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