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We are excited to announce the launch of our new and improved RM Unify! by Sam Ganly

We know that it’s been a while since our last release but we have been working hard in the ... Read More

Safeguarding sensitive data in the online workplace by Sam Ganly

Now more than ever, an increasing number of us are using online services and systems that require us to set up user names and passwords in response to the requirement to ... Read More

Remote teaching and learning with RM Unify, Office 365 and G Suite by RM Unify Team

RM Unify, when federated with Microsoft® Office 365 and/or G Suite, can offer your establishment a reliable, secure and simple way to access all the resources you need ... Read More

Browser Compatibility with Chrome 80 Cookie Changes by Simon Pennifer

From February 17th, Google are planning to gradually release breaking changes to the default behaviour of cookies with Chrome 80: ... Read More

RM Unify - Release v3.66 by Sam Ganly

We have been busy since our last blog update working on some essential maintenance for the platform. RM Unify v3.66 has now been released. The changes developed with this ... Read More

RM Unify - Release v3.60 by Sam Ganly

RM Unify v3.60 has now been released. The changes developed with this release include improvements to our AD Sync provisioning tool and much more flexibility in the ... Read More

RM Unify - Release v3.56 by Sam Ganly

RM Unify v3.56 has now been released bringing some new improvements and features to our integration with Google and more flexibility with how customers can manage user ... Read More

RM Unify and Google Integration by Simon Pennifer

As part of our next planned release, RM Unify v3.56, due to be released in June, we will be making some changes to improve our integration with Google. We are making ... Read More

RM Unify Release v3.54 by Simon Pennifer

RM Unify v3.54 was released yesterday. This release contains a number of improvements to our integration with RM's school MIS, RM Integris, as a first step to making these ... Read More

RM Unify Communication by Simon Pennifer

You may have noticed that the RM Unify blog has been rather quiet for a while. This isn't because we haven't been busy - far from it. Development of the platform has been ... Read More

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