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RM Unify Quick Start Guide for Administrator Users by RM Unify Administrator

If you’re responsible for setting up RM Unify in your school, here’s a Handy Quick Start Guide to help. Read More

A how-to guide for teachers using RM Unify by RM Unify Administrator

If you’re working in a school who uses RM Unify, you may have questions on the best way to make use of its features. This Handy Guide will hopefully get you started. If ... Read More

Jam Packed launches in Hull next month! by RM Unify Administrator

Heard about these three computing events happening in Hull in November as part of the Jam Packed project? Jam Packed is funded by the DfE, The Raspberry Pi Foundation and RM ... Read More

Success at Pheasey Park Farm and Children’s Centre by RM Unify Administrator

Tackling school priorities head on with RM Unify… Pheasey Park Farm is a 700 pupil primary school in Walsall. The school has seen significant change over the last 12 months ... Read More

Welcome to RM Unify v2.12 – Introducing a new-look login page by RM Unify Administrator

RM Unify v2.12 is here. This Release comes at an exciting time when Glow Services in Scotland are moving over to RM Unify in-full. That means schools and LAs using Glow in ... Read More

RM Unify Administrator User Guide for Glow by RM Unify Administrator

On the 6th October 2014, schools and Local Authorities using Glow will switch over completely to services provided through RM Unify. Here is a written guide which explains ... Read More

Welcome to RM Unify v2.10 – Introducing ‘My Profile’ and improved Account Management tools by RM Unify Administrator

RM Unify v2.10 is packed full of additional features and usability improvements which will benefit schools across the UK. This month, we’ve focused on improving the Account ... Read More

Welcome to v2.8 of RM Unify – Introducing users search to the Management Console by RM Unify Administrator

Another month has passed, and another set of improvements have been delivered by our Development Team, resulting in two release headlines to share with you. In this new ... Read More

Welcome to v2.6 of RM Unify – Introducing new App Library filters by RM Unify Administrator

We are gearing up to an exciting few months of new features and product developments for RM Unify, just in time for the new school term. In England and Wales we’ll be ... Read More

RM Unify AD Sync v2 by RM Unify Administrator

Summary of the RM Unify AD Sync service The RM Unify AD Sync service is for RM Unify Premium subscription customers. It allows school Network Managers to synchronise local ... Read More

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