RM celebrates the 50th anniversary of its founding in 1973

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A new technology strategy will help unlock the potential of your learners and staff

With 50 years experience in providing technology for education, we're a trusted partner to thousands of schools. By partnering with RM, you’ll benefit from a technology strategy that supports your school’s goals. And it will be maintained by people who know what it means to be in the classroom, and who understand the safeguarding responsibilities and cyber security challenges schools face.

RM works across the full spectrum of schools in the UK; choose your sector to find out more:

"RM have been our trusted friends and mentors on this journey. As a large company, one of their key strengths is the depth and breadth of both their educational and technical knowledge, which I see as unrivalled. My experience is that RM listen carefully to any concerns and ‘take ownership’ of issues to ensure a speedy and satisfactory resolution."

Dave Magee, Headteacher, Mossfield Primary School

School IT strategy

The right technology strategy, expertly implemented, will transform the experience of your pupils and staff. RM will understand your vision and combine it with the expertise and insight from supporting schools for over 50 years.

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School IT support

RM's support services are designed to complement your existing capability to ensure technology just works, and positively impacts the school community.

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School broadband

The DfE’s technology standards underline the importance of reliable broadband to any school. We invest over £1m per year in our network, giving us 99.999% availability, with safeguarding and cyber security protections built-in.

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Web filtering

More than 1 million children are protected by our web content filtering for schools and trusts. Automatic updates and user-based controls, providing full KCSiE compliance.

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Hardware and infrastructure

Classrooms are demanding and often challenging environments. RM’s impartial expert advice on current and new technologies will ensure your investment stands the test of time.

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Take a look at the new RM Technology Store - January Sale now on Take a look at the new RM Technology Store - January Sale now on
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