We believe that technology plays a vital role in helping teachers bring the classroom to life, but how do we ensure the right foundations are in place?

Our research tells us that teachers still believe technology can play a vital role in delivering great teaching and learning, bringing the classroom to life. But too often technology in schools is implemented for its own sake, with no clear understanding of the specific objectives it is expected to deliver.

The right technology foundations need to be in place to give you confidence but they are only useful if you have a clear strategy for how you want to use technology in achieving teaching and learning objectives in your school. A robust and well thought out technology strategy is essential. 

Empowering the next generation through a transformative approach
to technology



While moving to the cloud is the ultimate goal, it can be a challenging transition.
Many schools will potentially live in some form of transition state, or hybrid environment, for a number of years.
At RM, it’s our job to work with schools to develop an approach that understands and addresses your needs and constraints.

Explore a route to school modernisation with RM Vantage.

"RM have been our trusted friends and mentors on this journey. As a large company, one of their key strengths is the depth and breadth of both their educational and technical knowledge, which I see as unrivalled. My experience is that RM listen carefully to any concerns and ‘take ownership’ of issues, liaising closely with other suppliers to ensure a speedy and satisfactory resolution."

Dave Magee, Headteacher – Mossfield Primary School

RM believes that everyone deserves access to the best education. We bring together people who share that vision to create the best education technology to deliver better learning outcomes to more students.

With more than 47 years’ experience working exclusively in education, RM understands how staff and students use IT. We're a trusted technology partner to more than 8,000 schools here in the UK and we invest in research and innovation so when teachers share their challenges, we deliver solutions. 


How can RM support your
EdTech needs?

School IT Services

RM Education's support services are designed to complement whatever capability a school has in place already to ensure technology just works and can have a positive impact across the school community.


With technology becoming more integrated into lessons, internet connectivity is becoming more and more critical in the smooth running of a school. We invest over £1m a year improving our network, an investment that sees us boast 99.999% core network availability and have award winning cyber security.


We offer a range of innovative software solutions focused on enabling schools to provide the best education possible, from our market-leading MIS solution, RM Integris, to RM Unify, the solution that makes it simple to manage and access your online services.

Hardware Infrastructure
Hardware and Infrastructure

The classroom is a demanding and often challenging environment. RM offers impartial expert advice on current and new technologies, ensuring your investment in technology will last. Our partners include Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, HPE Aruba, C Touch, Google and Apple, amongst others.

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