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Show My Homework have very recently made some improvements to the security of their app’s integration with RM Unify. The result of this is that users must now maintain the same role type in both RM Unify and the Show My Homework app.

Previously it was possible to be a Non-Teaching Staff user in RM Unify, and a Teaching Staff user in Show My Homework, with the ability to set homework for students. Now that this issue has been corrected, some of your users may see the Show My Homework error below, indicating that your RM Unify and Show My Homework roles do not match:

Your options at this point are to either:

  1. Login to your Show My Homework account and change the role type for the affected users. Please note that, whilst Non-Teaching Staff cannot set homework, they will still retain admin rights if they have them.
  2. Change your RM Unify role type to match the desired role type in Show My Homework. Depending on how your RM Unify users are provisioned, this change will be either in your MIS, your active directory (for AD Sync provisioned accounts), or, for manually created accounts, via a CSV upload in the RM Unify Management Console.

Please note that changing role type in RM Unify will also change the Launch Pad (and associated apps) which those users see.

The Show My Homework (Satchel) and RM support teams are happy to help support you in making the changes above to resolve any individual staff issues.

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