Carterton Community College
Carterton Community College is a secondary school in Oxfordshire with approximately 650 students. When they originally chose RM Integris as their MIS they were part of a federated group of primary and secondary schools in Oxfordshire. The vision was that RM Integris would be used across all the schools in the federation, to standardise and enable data sharing. By using the same MIS across all the schools in the group, they would have been able to federate roles and cover arrangements, for example giving federated SEND staff easier access to data. They would also have been able to share central services such as some aspects of HR management, more effectively. The federation has been dissolved, but Carterton continue to use RM Integris as their MIS of choice.

When Carterton chose RM Integris as their MIS they had already tried two other MIS providers. They had been frustrated by those solutions as they didn’t deliver the functionality they needed, and they didn’t prove particularly easy to use.

Carterton moved to RM Integris for a number of reasons:

  • It was the easiest to use, with the most intuitive user interface which meant staff across the school would be able to use it quickly and easily with minimal training
  • It was a cloud-based MIS which meant it would be device agnostic, an important consideration when the school knew they would be using a number of different devices, which now includes Chromebooks, to access it
  • The price point was attractive, offering them all the functionality the needed for less than they were paying for their previous solution
“RM Integris offered us the best option for data sharing, and being so easy to use meant that we weren’t looking at a big training overhead to get all of our staff up and running. The price point was attractive too.”

Ed Brodhust, Assistant Headteacher

The flexibility to use RM Integris from multiple types of devices has been a key benefit for Carterton. They also appreciate just how intuitive and quick it is to use, with staff able to get to the right place within the system easily. The process of migrating from their old MIS to RM Integris was quick and easy, and because it’s cloud-based they don’t experience any problems with downtime.

The school have now been using RM Integris for nearly five years. The most useful features for the school include:

  • Registers are really easy to take whether staff are teaching in a classroom or on the playing fields, and because the register function can be accessed from the dashboard on the front page it means it’s quick too
  • Timetables are really easy to put together
  • Assessment functionality is also easy to use, particularly for KS3, for example there is both simplicity and flexibility in how master datasheets are designed.
  • RM Intelligence will enable them to move away from extracting reports and get more engaged with live data, which will ultimately enable more timely reactions and interventions.
“Our staff are very busy, like most teachers they’re multi-tasking and need to use their time as efficiently as possible. RM Integris is designed from the ground up to work in any environment. It offers all the functionality a school like us needs and also enables us to add partner applications and modules, such as ParentPay, that make it particularly appropriate for the context of our school.”

Ed Brodhust, Assistant Headteacher

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