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Back to basic(s) with the computing curriculum! by RM Unify Administrator

ICT is now “Computing” in the 2014 curriculum and there’s been a huge shift in focus toward teaching programming, but knowing where to start isn’t that easy. In fact, it’s ... Read More

Tools to help teach the Computing Curriculum by RM Unify Administrator

The new computing curriculum has now been in schools for almost a whole year – how have you found it? Do you have the tools you need to teach all elements of the new ... Read More

Scotland lights up Malawi with Glow by RM Unify Administrator

As part of the Scotland Lights Up Malawi campaign, the charity Keep Scotland Beautiful is working with SolarAid to bring small solar lights to school children and ... Read More

Calling all Early Years Teachers! by RM Unify Administrator

If you are an Early Years teacher or TA you know that too much of your time is taken up in recording, managing teaching evidence and presenting this in EYFS assessments. So ... Read More

How do you prepare your students for the world of work? by Imogen Naylor-Higgs

It is becoming increasingly recognised that young people need to develop their employability skills, alongside qualifications, in preparation for the world of work and ... Read More

Raising attainment in Numeracy in Scotland by RM Unify Administrator

As part of the Glow provision all primary schools, and some secondary schools, in South Lanarkshire authority have access to RM Easimaths, an online maths programme, mapped ... Read More

RM Easimaths now with early year’s content! by RM Unify Administrator

RM Easimaths has been helping students progress with their maths for over 3 years, based on the award winning maths software RM Maths, the system encourages a little and ... Read More

Phonics – it’s a funny old business! by Busy Things Software

Synthetic phonics vs analytic phonics? When tasked to produce a digital phonics resource for teachers to help them in the classroom where do you begin? (This was our brief ... Read More

Phonics for Life by RM Unify Administrator

I didn’t choose the phonics life, the phonics life chose me! The phonics programme at my primary school, Letterland phonics, taught me to read, turned me into a voracious ... Read More

School for Governors by RM Unify Administrator

Earwig is delighted to have the eminent Dr Matthew Pearson as our latest guest blogger, writing about life as a school governor and the responsibilities that come with the ... Read More

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