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Phonics – it’s a funny old business! by Busy Things Software

Synthetic phonics vs analytic phonics? When tasked to produce a digital phonics resource for teachers to help them in the classroom where do you begin? (This was our brief ... Read More

Phonics for Life by RM Unify Administrator

I didn’t choose the phonics life, the phonics life chose me! The phonics programme at my primary school, Letterland phonics, taught me to read, turned me into a voracious ... Read More

School for Governors by RM Unify Administrator

Earwig is delighted to have the eminent Dr Matthew Pearson as our latest guest blogger, writing about life as a school governor and the responsibilities that come with the ... Read More

How can RM Unify help support Early Years and Foundation teaching? by RM Unify Administrator

RM Unify can facilitate the delivery of the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework within schools. We have tools that deliver all the aspects of the statutory EYFS ... Read More

TeachingHOW2s by RM Unify Administrator

With the election looming and both major political parties committed to cutting budgets, schools will find it increasingly difficult to provide CPD opportunities for their ... Read More

Disqualification by Association – TheSchoolBus by RM Unify Administrator

School leadership often entails guiding your school through changing government rules and initiatives. Few regulations are as controversial as the Disqualification by ... Read More

SLT Challenge – improving behaviour in your school by RM Unify Administrator

One of the key challenges facing any School Leadership Team is ensuring behaviour in lessons and around the school is of a good standard. The recent Ofsted focus on low ... Read More

Teaching Modern Foreign Languages with RM Unify by RM Unify Administrator

“¿Quieres nuevas aplicaciones para español?” “Voulez-vous de nouvelles applications pour le français?” Looking for new fun and creative tools to use in your classroom when ... Read More

How do you use RM Unify in your school? by RM Unify Administrator

What do you use RM Unify for in your school? We want to make sure that we are providing the best applications for you with the best lesson plans and ideas to sit alongside ... Read More

Safer Internet Day 2015 by Jeri Dash

Today is Safer Internet Day Today is the 12th annual Safer Internet Day (SID) with the theme ‘Let’s create a better internet together’. Celebrated globally in over a ... Read More

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