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How to use Facebook and Twitter to engage pupils and parents by RM Unify Administrator

When discussing parent and pupil engagement with schools the topic of social media cannot be avoided. It is a huge part of how pupils, parents, and teachers communicate ... Read More

Homework & Helicopter Mums by RM Unify Administrator

Imagine the scenario: It’s 8 O’ Clock on Sunday evening, the shops are shut, you’ve just finished the daily washing, cooking, cleaning and everything else your family ... Read More

4 benefits that your parental engagement tool must have by RM Unify Administrator

There are so many technology tools out there to help you improve your communications with your school’s key stakeholders but how do you separate the good from the ... Read More

How can RM Unify help to improve parental engagement? by RM Unify Administrator

Research evidence strongly indicates that parental involvement can have a significant effect on achievement which lasts into adolescence and even adulthood: Parental ... Read More

How to improve your child’s grades by 15% by RM Unify Administrator

Recent studies show that talking to your children about their school day can improve their grades by around 15%. But not just any interaction will do. It’s the way you talk ... Read More

How to Engage Especially Hard to Reach Parents with Homework by RM Unify Administrator

  The ‘I-live-too-far-away’ parent Amidst the era of technology, we are spoilt for choice in ways of communicating and connecting with the world around us, and keeping ... Read More

Welcome to RM Unify 2.20 – Introducing Google Classroom by RM Unify Administrator

This month, our development efforts have been largely focussed on some feature improvements that will be realised in future releases. These future releases will include ... Read More

Welcome to Parental Engagement month by RM Unify Administrator

Welcome back to the first working day of March! That means the Easter holidays are just around the corner, the first day of spring is imminent, the clocks are going forward, ... Read More

A more engaging way to teach Shakespeare by RM Unify Administrator

“Sir – I am too old to learn” Kent, King Lear, William Shakespeare  The above quote, spoken by Kent, King Lear’s loyal servant in Shakespeare’s King Lear, is ... Read More

Supporting English as an additional language by RM Unify Administrator

One of the most significant changes to the school-age population in recent years has been the increase in the number of children with English as an additional language ... Read More

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